March 29, 2019

What is a “Prime”?

Primes (pronounced preems, after the French word for “gift”) are intermediate sprints within a race, usually offering a prize and/or points. Primes are a way to encourage more competitive riding, and also an opportunity for companies to gain publicity by sponsoring a prime.

In Tour de Delta criteriums, a bell is sounded on the lap preceding the prime sprint as the riders cross the start-finish line. Primes may be either predetermined for certain laps or spontaneously designated under the supervision of the Chief Referee.

Crowd Prime

One of the most exciting aspects of criterium racing is the immense potential for crowd and community involvement over the course of the race. At all the BC Superweek events, you will notice volunteers out collecting cash donations from the crowd. These donations will go towards a prime lap – but not just any ordinary prime lap.

The ‘Crowd Prime’ typically happens near that end of the race, and with all of  the donations pooled together (and split evenly between the men’s and women’s races), the announcers will ring the bell one final time, letting the riders know that the ‘Crowd Prime’ is on the line. The cash prize on this prime lap, often nearing one thousand dollars or more, means those riders are going to be flying as they sprint to the line. Even still, they won’t want to use up all their energy on the ‘Crowd Prime’, because the final bell lap is just around the corner, marking yet another sprint to the finish for a spot on the podium.

Sponsoring a Prime Lap

Prime laps in criterium racing are most commonly sponsored by local businesses and community members/organizations. During the race, when a specific prime is announced, the commentators will use this opportunity to promote the business or recognize the organization/individual who made the generous donation.

Sponsoring a prime lap is an excellent way to buy your business some air time at the Tour de Delta. If you’re interested in sponsoring a prime with a cash donation, please email our team at