2013 Canadian National Road Race Champion Joelle Numainville wins second straight Tour de Delta race

Women's sprint finish.

Women’s sprint finish.

It was a familiar sight at the Tour de Delta’s Brenco Criterium Saturday as two of the women’s riders who finished in the top three in Friday’s MK Delta Lands Criterium were back on the podium, including winner Joelle Numainville from the Cervelo Bigla Pro Cycling Team.

Numainville was near the front for most of the 44.4 kilometre crit throughout the downtown area of the historic fishing village of Ladner, and as a result came away with no fewer than seven primes.  The fact that she may have been expending all of her energy on going for the primes wasn’t on the 28-year-old’s mind at all though.

“I just came here and tried to have fun, the crowd is amazing, so it gave me more motivation to race hard,” a beaming Numainville said after the race. “I just take things one race at a time and crossing the line knowing that I did my best out there is the most important thing for me.”

As for whether Numainville will have anything left for Sunday’s prestigious White Spot | Delta Road Race, she’s not getting ahead of herself.

Tomorrow’s another day, so I’ll take some recovery tonight and see what I can do in the Road Race,” she smiled.

Vancouver’s Sara Bergen, who rides for the local Trek Red Truck team, was second. With eight riders in the field, Trek made up 14 percent of the entire rider list and attacking aggressively was definitely part of the game plan.

“It’s always the plan for the team to ride aggressively and pretty much go as hard as possible,” explained Bergen.

The Brenco Criterium is notorious for its primes, and it’s entirely understandable if a cyclist tries to time breakaways to coincide with the prizes, but it’s not something Bergen did consciously. She was more concerned with her competition.

“Funny enough, the first few primes just kind of happened. There was a lull in the pace and I took that opportunity to jump and I got a gap, so I put my head down and kept going. I did try to counter a little bit off Joelle because she was having such a strong ride. If I saw she was really working hard, (I had) to dig in after that and counter her, but it was a fantastic race for everyone,” she said.

Meanwhile, Roorda is riding BC Superweek without a team as she’s donning the Team Canada jersey. She found herself on the podium once again with the third place finish, after she was second in Friday’s MK Delta Lands Criterium.

The 29-year-old wasn’t prominent for most of the race, which was strategic, and due to the fact that she was getting comfortable with the 740 metre course.

“I was feeling the course, but the plan was to keep it quiet and see what the teams were doing, see how the course was going to feed, if there was going to be a breakaway,” said the Vancouver native. “It looked like it was going to stay together, so I just held back and waited till the end to see what I could do.”

As the last lap came down to a sprint in the last 100 metres, Roorda was well aware of where Numainville was. In fact, Roorda reached into her bag of tricks as an experienced track rider.

“I knew she was on my wheel, I looked between my legs – it’s kind of a track trick to look under your arms and look between your legs – I could see her there, but I knew I had to commit at that time because it was one lap to go,” Roorda said.

BC Superweek and the Tour de Delta continues on Sunday with the White Spot | Delta UCI 1.2 Road Race. The women’s race starts at 9:30 am while the men begin at 1 pm.